Digital X-rays

Eastern Lancaster County Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer our clients the latest in portable X-ray technology.  We recently purchased the EPX-1 Equine Portable Digital System from VetRay, a leader in digital radiology and image management.

Digital radiology has revolutionized x-ray imaging just like digital cameras have changed photography.  Traditional x-ray films are developed in a process similar to how negatives are converted into prints.  This process involves strong chemicals, which can harm both the environment and the personnel developing the films.  We can now completely bypass the developing phase.  Just moments after we x-ray an animal, extremely high-resolution images are transferred to our laptop computer.

This image was taken from the side of a horse's mouth.
Note the extremely long teeth roots!


Our doctors were quite pleased with the detail available when we x-rayed a horse during a demonstration of our equipment.  We had never been able to capture such a clear image of a horse's knee (stifle) with our traditional film system!

There are many additional advantages to computerized image storage.  Just like you can manipulate your digital photos, we can adjust the contrast of images.  We can magnify parts of interest, produce JPEG images for our clients, or transmit the study via the internet to a board-certified radiologist.

This system is fully mobile, so we can usually take x-rays of your animal at your location.  This saves time and helps us start treatment as soon as possible.  We're excited to bring this new technology to your farm or stable.  Call us for more details.


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