Equine Comprehensive Evaluation ("Pre-Purchase Exam")
INSTRUCTIONS:  Download and print the appropriate documents.  Complete and sign them.  Kindly fax the forms to us at 717-656-9647.  We will need these documents before proceeding with our evaluation.

     Buyer Consent Form
     Seller Disclosure Form
     Veterinary Disclosure Form

Newborn Foal Guidelines - This document contains information about what to expect in the first few hours of a foal's life.  It also provides general information on feeding milk replacer should the mare not have enough milk.

West Nile Brochure - West Nile was rampant in Pennsylvania about 10 years ago, but horses are still occasionally affected.  Find out about the most common signs of this debilitating disease.



Cattle Documents

Cattle Breeding Methods - This document includes a description of the most common synchronization programs for cattle breeding, including a visual presentation of G6G and G7G in a calendar format.





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