John Kreider, VMD
Owner Veterinarian

Messiah College,
BA in Chemistry in 1984

University of Pennsylvania,
VMD in 1988


The son of a family doctor and a nurse, Dr. John Kreider grew up on a large farm in Manheim Township.  Several years of work on a local dairy farm gave him a love of the outdoors and a desire to work in an agricultural field.  When "veterinarian" showed up in the top suggestions in a middle school career interest survey, it seemed to be a perfect match with his academic interest in biology and chemistry.  Who says that those career surveys don't work!

Dr. Kreider overcame a severe dislike of the classroom by focusing on the goal of becoming a veterinarian, and he has never regretted the decision.  He likes the variety of his work and enjoys the physical and mental challenges of large-animal practice.

When not attending church activities including youth group service projects, Dr. Kreider can be found playing softball or volleyball.  He also enjoys remodeling projects and camping.  He lives locally on a small farm with his wife, four children, and several pets, including boxers, sheep, goats, cats, and a horse named Lacy.


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